Breast Augmentation Recovery

Breast augmentation is quite possibly the most popular plastic surgery procedure worldwide. While most refer to it as a ‘boob job,’ breast augmentation can cover a wide range of procedures having to do with a female patient’s chest. Some desire a larger cup size while others are looking to regain their pre-baby breasts back. Some patients require a reduction to live a healthier life while others simply desire more symmetry in their chests. The possibilities are endless and patients always ask, ‘what is recovery like?’. In this blog, we’ll be taking a closer look at breast augmentation recovery and what you can do to expedite the healing process.


As with all cosmetic plastic surgeries, your surgeon makes the most difference. Always do ample research and choose a board-certified plastic surgeon who is known for completing the specific procedure you’re interested in. Having a highly-skilled surgeon like Toronto’s Dr. Adibfar will not only lend you the natural-looking results you desire but also allow you to heal faster by utilizing specialized techniques that cause less trauma to the body and faster healing.


Breast augmentation recovery will also vary from patient to patient. As mentioned, depending on your specific procedure (or combination of breast augmentation procedures), your recovery may look different from your neighbour’s. Generally speaking, breast augmentation recovery can last anywhere between 2-4 weeks. Your recovery and healing are vitally important to Dr. Adibfar and his tips and recommendations to prepare for surgery, as well as recover from your surgery, will aid tremendously.


These recommendations will include specific pain management protocols and materials involving possible pain medication, exercises, and routines. You will likely need anywhere between 1-2 weeks off of any work with the ability to engage in light activities (like walking) after day 2 or 3. You will also be asked to refrain from any heavy lifting which can strain your back and cause damage to your chest.


Before and after your procedure, Dr. Adibfar will also brief you on signs to look for in your healing as well as to look for any red flags that can halt your heal  indicate something serious like an infection. You will also be asked to rest as much as you can in the first two weeks while eating well-balanced meals and refraining from smoking which can drastically slow your healing.


After approximately 2-3 months, you can expect to regain your sense of normal life again. Depending on your skin and incision lines, scars heal fairly well and will mature and settle between 12-18 months after surgery. Dr. Adibfar will also recommend products to help heal and lighten any scarring more swiftly.


If you’re interested in breast augmentation but are unsure as to what the recovery will be like, we hope this article has helped shed a little more light on the topic. If you have any further questions and would like to speak to a member of our helpful staff regarding breast augmentation recovery, then feel free to get in touch with our office.


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