brazilian butt lift

The Brazilian Butt Lift

Summer is on its way Toronto! Which means many of us will be booking our next travel destinations and shopping for bathing suits and bikinis. And who wouldn’t love to strut proudly in a bikini that showed off a fuller, rounder, lifted bottom? It’s no wonder the Brazilian Butt Lift has become one of the most popular procedures in recent years. Dr. Adibfar has had phenomenal success and extensive experience performing countless Brazilian Butt Lifts for patients for many years. So much so, that he also trains numerous cosmetic plastic surgeons in the art and skill needed to successfully perform this procedure for patients seeking a well-contoured and fuller buttocks. If you want to learn more about the Brazilian Butt Lift, and how you can transform a flatter more lax bottom into one that’s fuller and more lifted, then you’ve come to the right place. 

The Brazilian Butt Lift is an incredibly effective procedure for those dissatisfied with the shape, contour and profile of their buttocks. And while the procedure has appeared as more of a craze or trend in recent years, it’s quite important patients still consider this procedure a serious one that will require a bit of research, as well as the appropriate, well-experienced surgeon to provide the results desired. Elements Spa’s Dr. Adibfar works efficiently and effectively to deliver results that his patients desire while maintaining realistic expectations and upholding every patient’s safety at the utmost regard. 

The Brazilian Butt Lift basically refers to 2 combined surgical procedures. The first involving liposuction from various areas of the body which may include a patient’s back (below the bra line), around the hips as well as waist. Small incisions are made in well hidden central locations to efficiently harvest the fat from the specific regions without the need for significant scarring, as well as even fat removal. Once the fat is safely and properly harvested via specialized medical equipment, it’s components are then separated and purified, leaving pure fat cells to be re-injected into the buttock region. It’s crucial the fat is purified in order to make certain that the cells survive, thrive and grow when injected into the buttocks. Once the fat cells are harvested and purified, Dr. Adibfar makes small incisions along both lower glute creases, as well as just above the separating crease for efficiency and even distribution when re-injecting the fat. 

The skill and aesthetic awareness of your board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon is crucial here. The challenge of achieving a beautiful silhouette with appropriate projection relies entirely on the keen aesthetic eye of your surgeon. Dr. Adibfar delivers results that are proportioned, natural-looking, attractive and balanced, giving his female patients a more curvaceous heart-shaped silhouette that emphasizes a smaller waist and wider hips. Injections are typically made in various areas including the lateral region of the buttocks, as well as closer to the separating buttock crease for a more rounded sculpted look. Before closing the small incisions, Dr. Adibfar makes certain the buttocks’ shape is appropriately contoured and balanced from all angles. 

The results of a Brazilian Butt Lift also rely heavily on the patient’s strict adherence to Dr. Adibfar’s aftercare and recovery instructions. Because the survival of the re-injected fat cells is paramount, it is important that patients wear their compression garments, as well do as best they can to avoid excessive pressure placed on the area. Dr. Adibfar and his attentive medical staff will thoroughly review the appropriate sitting and sleeping positions that will aid in recovery and assure the best results. Patients are also advised to gently move and maintain a healthy balanced diet to speed healing and increase circulation. Within 4-6 weeks, patients are typically able to return to their active lifestyles with permission from Dr. Adibfar to resume any strenuous activities. 

If you feel your body is lacking the natural contour of a curvy feminine silhouette, and/or that your bottom isn’t as full or projects as much as you’d like, then a Brazilian Butt Lift may be the procedure for you. When performed by incredibly-experienced board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar, you can rest assured that his keen eye to detail and unmatched skill will provide you with complete body contouring and the attractive results you desire with a procedure that is performed safely, effectively and using the most advanced medical technology available.

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