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Brachiplasty Procedure for Excess Skin on Arms, Arm Pit Area and Side Breast Area

A question from RealSelf.




I recently lost 60 pounds and now i have excess everywhere I am going to having several procedures such as TT. I am also schedule for an arm lift, but my loved ones think with exercise I can be able to reduce a lot of the excess fat/skin. I am beginning to doubt my decision. I would love someone’s honest opinion. Attached are some pictures of my arms and arm pits. Thanks.


Answer from your Toronto plastic surgeon, Dr. Ali Adibfar

Although you may still have some improvement in your arms with additional weight loss it would not lead to tight skinny arms that would be harmonious with the rest of your arm and body.


You therefore would benefit from a long scar Brachiplasty with extension into the armpit and lateral chest.


See the pictures here.


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