Better Orgasms with G-Spot Amplification

Although the topic of women’s sexual function may still appear taboo in today’s society, women are beginning to speak more openly about their sexual needs in regards to pleasure and satisfaction. As this subject continues to saturate the popular press, more women are beginning to take control as they search for solutions to their nagging concerns. With today’s modern technology, board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeons are able to offer female patients more options that are safe, effective, non-surgical and relatively painless, positively affecting their overall sexual wellbeing and happiness.

Today we’ll be discussing G-Spot Amplification, a procedure more commonly know as the G-Shot, an injection used to enlarge a female patient’s G-spot in order to amplify sensitivity, allow for more sensation, stimulation, and ultimately, sexual pleasure.

What and Where is the G-spot?

The ‘G’ in G-spot stands for Gräfenberg, the last name of German gynaecologist Dr. Ernst Gräfenberg, who began a successful gynaecologist practice in New York City after fleeing the Nazis in the 1940s. While studying his patients, he found a sensitive erogenous zone apparent in the vagina, that when stimulated could often lead to ejaculation during orgasm. Decades later, and after various published studies and journals on the topic, the term G-spot was more widely recognized and used in society.

The G-spot is an anatomical structure that exists inside the vagina along the front or anterior wall. This sensitive area contains thousands of nerve endings that when stimulated during sexual intercourse or activity can heighten the quality of a woman’s orgasm, sometimes resulting in multiple orgasmic experiences.

What is G-Spot Amplification or the G-Shot?

Elements’ G-Spot Amplification procedure is a non-surgical one that emphasizes and accentuates the female patient’s G-spot making it more sensitive to stimulation. The procedure is similar to one a woman may experience during a routine gynaecological exam, and is performed with a local numbing anesthetic, taking as little as 30 minutes from start to finish, with most time spent on measuring the location accurately for precise injection.

The injection is made of an extremely safe hyaluronic acid, or collagen type filler, which is directly injected into the G-spot to cause it to increase in size and depth so that it is more easily accessible during sexual intercourse or stimulation. When injected, the filler temporarily lowers the nerve endings and plumps the G-spot to increase sexual enhancement.

This painless procedure is performed in office and requires no downtime. Patients are able to return to work or resume their routine daily activities, as well will notice gradually improved sexual function in less than a week. Patients are also able to engage in sexual intercourse immediately after the procedure.


The G-Spot Amplification process allows for a woman’s G-spot to be more reachable and accessible so that the nerve endings can be stimulated with more ease. This increased sensitivity results in patients reporting heightened sexual pleasure, more intense orgasms and an enhanced sex life. The injection typically lasts 4-6 months and patients find it much easier to be gratified sexually and experience potentially greater orgasmic responses. Patients also report enhanced sexual pleasure and arousal, and more confidence in the bedroom.

This in-office procedure is safe, effective, and shows immediate results with no downtime or disruption to patients’ daily normal activities. If you’re interested in G-Spot Amplification, or any other sexually-enhancing surgeries including labiaplasty or vaginoplasty, feel free to contact us.

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