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Answers to Common Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Questions

I have had the absolute pleasure of meeting with thousands of patients as a board-certified Toronto cosmetic plastic surgeon over the past several years. Undergoing a cosmetic plastic surgery transformation, whether it’s a butt lift, liposuction, rhinoplasty or BOTOX, is a huge decision. It’s one that can redefine your appearance, self-esteem and confidence. I know that it can also be a stressful experience. As your Toronto cosmetic plastic surgeon, I want to provide a list of common questions that many cosmetic plastic surgery patients have. This will let you get a bit more comfortable before jumping in. Let’s take a closer look at the 5 common cosmetic plastic surgery questions patients have:


1. Common Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Questions: What if something happens with the anesthesia?

This is a common concern for many patients who are about to undergo a cosmetic plastic surgery procedure. While there have been tales circulated, let’s be clear: I have never had a patient not wake up from a procedure and I have never had a patient wake up in the middle of one.


We review your personal medical history during an in-depth consultation before we start any procedure. This allows our team to appropriately assess any risks and discuss the entire experience with you. The most important thing to remember is that we take safety very seriously. It always comes first. Whether it’s the in-depth consultation, a trained anesthesiologist or a team of professionals behind you, we put safety ahead of everything else.


This is why it is important to select a board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon that you can trust.


2. Common Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Questions: Will I feel a lot of pain?

Each body is unique. Some people have high levels of pain tolerance. Others may have very low levels. Regardless of yours, our professional cosmetic plastic surgery team does everything in our power to make the experience as comfortable as possible.


You might be asking: “What do you do to reduce pain?”. That’s another great question. The procedures are usually done under general anesthesia, which means you won’t feel any pain at all.


We also practice the most up-to-date and delicate cosmetic plastic surgery techniques to minimize tissue damage and bruising. Further, our team will use a combination of local anesthetic, which allows you to wake up from the procedure pain free, and safe pain medication to ensure you’re comfortable at home.


Many of my patients are usually quite surprised with how little pain they feel during their cosmetic plastic surgery transformation.


3. Common Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Questions: Won’t I be left with ugly scars?

There is a misconception out there that every cosmetic plastic surgery procedure will leave a nasty scar. While an incision made on the skin will leave a scar, our team places a huge importance on performing the most delicate suture jobs to minimize scaring.


As a board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon that consistently improves my skills, I always perform techniques that are aimed at reducing noticeable scars or look to hide incisions where possible.


Once your plastic surgery procedure is complete, our team will provide you with a detailed program that will help you care for your incisions to ensure you get the best appearance possible.


4. Common Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Questions: What if I look “fake” or unrecognizable?

This is a common concern and one that is completely normal. Even though you are undergoing a cosmetic plastic surgery transformation to improve your appearance, you still want to look like yourself.


Our cosmetic plastic surgery team performs procedures that keep this in mind. We look to create a harmonized, beautifully proportionate and natural appearance every time.


For example, if we are performing a facelift procedure, we look to keep proportions and symmetry as natural as possible. This all comes down to our pre-operative measurements and planning process.


We spend more time up front during the consultation and planning phase to ensure that the end result is in line with your expectations and goals. I know your beauty and appearance is important to you. That’s why we care about it just as much.


5. Common Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Questions: Does this mean I can’t be physically active for a long time?

After you undergo a cosmetic plastic surgery procedure, recovery is very important. Depending on which procedure you choose, I usually recommend that you stay out of the gym for 3 weeks. I know this may seem like a long time, but it will help you recover quickly and naturally.


Exercise can aggravate swelling and bruising, while putting unwanted stress on your body. Just remember that it all depends on which procedure you undergo. For example, cosmetic plastic surgery transformations that involve muscles – like breast augmentations – will require you to stay away from the gym for longer.


We’ll go over your specific recovery schedule in detail so there are no surprises. But after the necessary recovery time has lapsed, you can get back into your routine while looking and feeling great!


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