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5 Areas Liposuction Can Make Look Great

There is a tendency for both men and women to focus on the little imperfections of their body. We all want to look our absolute best. It’s often these little things that are the most irritating. This is most true when we start to talk about our physical appearance, especially our weight.


Even if we accomplish our dietary, weight loss or fitness goals, there are usually small, isolated problem areas that continue to remind us that we’re not perfect. For example, excess fat deposits can be a burden on your body and your confidence. Those small areas can make us unhappy with our overall appearance.


When it comes to isolated areas of fat deposits, liposuction can be a great cosmetic plastic surgery procedure to address those problem spots. Liposuction is a common treatment that can deliver great results. I believe that this cosmetic plastic surgery procedure can redefine how you look and feel.


Here’s how liposuction can help your body look incredible in five places you may never have expected:


1. Liposuction and Your Torso

Women who are considered skinny or slender may still feel uneasy about the isolated fattiness around their back and upper torso. These common areas can become accentuated when wearing a bra or swimsuit.


As a board-certified Toronto plastic surgeon, I would recommend a targeted body contouring procedure that would help minimize or eliminate these trouble spots. This approach can help develop smoother, sexier and more sculpted curves.


2. Liposuction and Your Jawline

One of the most impactful signs of aging is in the jowls and under chin area. Fatty deposits in this area of your face can create the appearance of a double chin. This can become a focal point for frustration and dissatisfaction when it comes to your appearance.


Liposuction can slim the jawline, under the chin and around the upper neck. This can help create a thinner, more sculpted facial appearance. A steady hand by a board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon can help take years of your appearance and help you regain the confidence you once had.


3. Liposuction and Your Breasts

Women often avoid surgical breast reductions because there is concern over potential scaring. That’s why liposuction is a great cosmetic plastic surgery option as it offers a “scar-less” solution that can sculpt away unwanted fatty tissue.


Liposuction is a great choice for women who want to undergo subtle breast reshaping. But for larger breast reductions, I would recommend a surgical breast reduction treatment.


4. Liposuction and Your Lower Legs

Have you ever heard people talk about “cankles”? Women who suffer from this non-medical issue can feel very self-conscious about showing their legs. The transition from calf to ankle is supposed to be trimmed, elegant and sexy. Fat accumulation in this area can make women hesitant to flaunt their beauty. But we can help change that.


Liposuction can help redefine this area of your body by removing those fat deposits. This cosmetic plastic surgery procedure can turn those “cankles” into graceful, beautifully contoured and slimming legs that you’ll want to show off any chance you get.


5. Liposuction and the Male Chest

It’s no secret. Male breast reduction procedures are growing in popularity. Women aren’t the only ones who can feel uncomfortable with their breast size and shape. The development of male breasts, also known as gynecomastia, is often more common with age-related hormonal changes and can cause men to become self-conscious.


Liposuction can be a great choice for men suffering from this condition. This cosmetic plastic surgery treatment can help you regain that muscular definition, create a firmer chest and shapelier torso.


Next Steps to a Beautiful Body

If you’re frustrated or unhappy with stubborn spots of fat accumulation, take the next step and contact me directly. A thorough consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon can help you make the right decision. This will allow us to review your needs and expectations. We will also take time to discuss the treatment in-depth and its benefits.