4 Reasons Why You’d Love a Blepharoplasty

The health, vitality, and appearance of your eyes are integral to looking young, refreshed, and healthy. From your eyes, a friend or family member can tell if you’re tired, unhappy, and unwell. When unfavourable genetics come into play, the eyes can look more strained than normal. Certain characteristics could include dropping skin, hooded eyelids, puffiness, undereye bags, and more. For these patients, a blepharoplasty is ideal and can make all the difference in the world to their self-esteem, confidence, motivation, and enthusiasm for life! In this article, we’ll be discussing four key reasons why you would benefit from eyelid surgery. Let’s dive in!


1. Help with Headaches

For those with more serious migraine issues, a blepharoplasty can certainly help! Eyelid procedures can tackle headaches and migraines by addressing underlying nerves and reducing the severity. Patients often comment that their heads feel lighter and that their headaches have diminished in their intensity.


2. Vision

Patients who have unfortunately inherited hooded eyes or droopy upper eyelids can suffer from impaired vision. A well-executed blepharoplasty can help these patients and their vision significantly! Addressing the excess skin and puffiness over and under the eyes will inevitably open the patient’s field of vision allowing for a wide lens to see. A blepharoplasty certainly wouldn’t reverse impaired vision in the actual eye but can certainly help keep the eye more open and unobstructed.


3. Smoother Skin

Patients with impaired vision due to irregularities of the eyelid often find a great benefit that extends past just improved vision. These patients no longer have heavy eyes and no longer need to squint or constantly raise their eyebrows to maintain a clearer field of vision. With no need to squint or forcibly keep eyes open, patients’ skin and forehead will appear smoother and have fewer wrinkles because the areas experience less contraction of the muscles.


4. Rejuvenation

As we age, so do our eyes. This can inevitably change our eye shape and weigh down on us. A blepharoplasty essentially rejuvenates your eyes and brings a more youthful appearance to your overall look. For patients who do not experience impaired vision from their eyelids, a blepharoplasty will still certainly help them by helping them look and feel younger, more revitalized, and well-rested. With the removal of excess fat pockets and lax skin, rejuvenated eyes can allow you to look more naturally like your radiant self.


Whether you opt for blepharoplasty for aesthetic or health reasons, you should always seek the experience and expertise of an accomplished board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon who has mastered the artistry of facial anatomy. Patients are always thrilled with their blepharoplasty results after full recovery and highly recommend it to others seeking assistance in addressing the eye area.


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