3 Common Procedures For Men After Weight Loss

The patients that we see who have experienced massive weight loss—either by their own will and hard work or via assistance from a procedure (like a gastric bypass)—those patients tend to have loose skin in many areas. After having gone through life-changing weight loss which can include so many positives (like lowering blood pressure, taking part in daily physical exercise, etc.) many male patients still have to deal with the reminder of their past as the excess skin lingers on their bodies. For a patient that loses excessive weight, they also lose the skin elasticity resulting in very loose skin. Let’s explore 3 common procedures for men after weight loss and how board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar helps these patients achieve a better body for them.



A common procedure for a man after having gone through massive weight loss is a tummy tuck. While the procedure will vary from patient to patient, Dr. Adibfar will typically conduct the surgery by removing the excess skin and or stubborn fat deposits from the male patient’s abdominals. Sometimes, despite living a healthy lifestyle, patients find that they need surgical intervention to complete their weight loss journey. Many men thoroughly enjoy the results of a tummy tuck as they can finally say farewell to any excess on their abdominals and confidently wear fitted shirts and clothing.



Gynecomastia is the medical term used to describe surgery to remove excess breast tissue in male patients. After significant weight loss, some men still find that their chest will hold onto excess skin and fat, making them look more feminine and disproportioned to the rest of their body. While the reason for this excess breast tissue varies from patient to patient, Dr. Adibfar can successfully remove any excess from the male patient’s chest, leaving them with more trim, contoured, and masculine-looking results. Male patients find this procedure truly life-altering as the condition (if left without surgery) does in many cases affect the self-esteem and confidence of the patient. After a full recovery, these male patients are thrilled to attain their more masculine-looking chests and contours. 



Liposuction certainly is the most versatile procedure and is greatly utilized with male patients showing excess skin and fat after significant weight loss. With a skilled plastic surgeon like Toronto’s Dr. Adibfar, the right amount of excess is removed to allow for efficient contouring and a body that is natural-looking and proportioned. Dr. Adibfar’s tried and true techniques alongside the latest technology allow him to remove any excess via power-assisted liposuction for results that are attractive and a recovery period that is swifter and well tolerated. 


Dr Adibfar does perform liposuction as a complementary procedure for many other cosmetic procedures. For patients who have lost a lot of weight, some of these men may not have the skin elasticity as a younger patient might so their skin does not shrink to fit their new silhouette. Dr. Adibfar combines liposuction with other common procedures to deliver results that are seamless and that bring his male patients relief as they can finally reap the benefits from their hard work on their weight loss journey.

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