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3 of the Best Plastic Surgery Procedures For Long Lasting Results

Learn about three plastic surgery procedures that Dr. Ali Adibfar performs most regularly to deliver incredible, long lasting results. 


Historically, plastic surgery was seen as a luxury investment. It was seen as a beauty enhancing service reserved only for the rich. That has changed with the advancements in plastic surgery technology and procedures. But that doesn’t mean people are less conscious about the investment plastic surgery requires. Everyone wants the best results for the best value.


At our Yorkville location, which was nominated as the best plastic surgery clinic in Toronto, we typically get asked about which beauty-enhancing treatments can deliver long lasting results without breaking the bank.


Dr. Adibfar’s experience, skill and dedication to enhancing your beauty over the long-term have made the following three plastic surgery procedures some of the most popular for patients in Toronto and across Canada. Let’s take a closer look at them.


3 Plastic Surgery Procedures That Can Dramatically Improve Your Appearance with Long Last Results 

1. RhinoplastyThere’s a clear reason why rhinoplasty (or “nose job”) remains one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures for teens and adults alike. Dr. Adibfar, one of Toronto’s top plastic surgeons, explains that rhinoplasty is so popular because it can deliver incredible results that last the rest of your life.


Your nose isn’t affected by changes in your weight. It also isn’t impacted by age-related changes that can typically be experienced on the face. That’s why rhinoplasty delivers results that are the longest lasting in the plastic surgery field. Dr. Adibfar and his plastic surgery team have performed hundreds of rhinoplasty procedures – delivering beautifully harmonized and natural results that are life-changing. Take a moment to review some of the long lasting results our team has delivered.


2. Breast reduction: Women and men who opt for breast reduction procedures are making a long-term investment in their beauty, health and comfort. Those with large breasts can often experience severe discomfort and at times physical pain or injury. Large breasts can also have a big impact on a person’s confidence.


Dr. Adibfar explains that breast reduction procedures can significantly improve the size, contour and appearance of a person’s chest. Unless that person experiences dramatic weight gain, these results often last a lifetime. The result is a naturally contoured appearance, reduced discomfort and a body that you can be proud to flaunt for years to come. See some of the patients who have trusted Dr. Adibfar and his talented plastic surgery team to deliver incredible, long-lasting results.


3. Abdominoplasty: When it comes to fat removal, some procedures can only yield short-term results. More people are partnering with Dr. Adibfar and his trusted Toronto plastic surgery team for abdominoplasty or “tummy tuck” procedures because of their long-lasting benefits.


Abdominoplasty procedures actually include the tightening of the abdominal muscles and the removal of excess skin in addition to the liposuction of the “love handles”.  These two parts of the procedure can dramatically redefine a person’s appearance.


Dr. Adibfar most commonly performs abdominoplasty or tummy tuck procedures on mothers because pregnancy can weaken and damage abdominal muscles. Pregnancy can also result in the collection of unwanted, excess skin around the midsection.


The unique techniques performed during the abdominoplasty procedure can deliver results that are permanent unless there is future pregnancies or immense weight gain. This makes tummy tucks great investments for people looking to enhance their beauty and finally get the body they’ve always wanted. Take a moment and review some before and after photos that highlight the dramatic results abdominoplasty can deliver.