2024’s Top 5 Plastic Surgeries

Are you curious about what the top 5 most popular plastic surgeries are? Look no further! We’ve broken down each of these top procedures with more information about what to expect during surgery and recovery with Toronto’s own board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar. Let’s dive in!


1. Liposuction

If you’ve got a stubborn area of fat or you’re trying to lose some weight, liposuction is a great way to safely remove that fat permanently. Liposuction is not a weight loss procedure but works great for stubborn areas showing excess volume like the abdomen and flanks. Dr. Adibfar uses a power assisted liposuction cannula with specialized techniques that are safe and lead to a smooth recovery. The unwanted fat is essentially sucked out very carefully and evenly allowing Dr. Adibfar to sculpt the area to make it look smoother and more contoured. Liposuction recovery typically takes around seven to ten days depending on how much liposuction you need, and the beauty of it is that it’s very hard to tell that you had anything done when performed by an experienced plastic surgeon. Dr. Adibfar hides the incisions in very discreet areas of the body and utilizes special techniques to make sure they heal as though no surgery has taken place.


2. Breast Augmentation

This is a fantastic operation to enhance a woman or transitioning patient’s chest. The implant is placed partially underneath the muscle to make it look very natural and Dr. Adibfar works to make sure your implants look seamless with your body. Natural-looking results make a patient’s lifestyle with implants more flexible and versatile as you can still partake in physically demanding activities, dress up, or remain casual. There are many options available for incision placement as well as various profiles of implants and materials. We find that patients who’ve undergone breast augmentation seem to express their satisfaction and happiness the most compared to any other procedure!


3. Rhinoplasty

There is no other surgery that makes such a profound difference in change than a rhinoplasty. A nose job can completely change the look of your face and we find a lot of people choose to undergo rhinoplasties during big shifts in their lives so that not as many people notice a difference in their look (ie. performed after graduation from high school and before entering college). Your nose does change the way your face looks and choosing the right plastic surgeon is critical to secure a harmonious profile as sometimes it’s a millimetre of change that makes all the difference!


4. Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck is a game-changing procedure for patients who experienced weight loss or have had children. Unfortunately, no amount of diet or exercise will get rid of the extra skin that can remain after loss of fat. Liposuction is used to remove that fat with less visible incisions and scars, and extra skin is removed to create that monumental shift in the patient’s silhouette. A great surgeon will place the incision low enough in the bikini line to conceal it under clothes, as well as make the belly button look as natural as possible with appropriate muscle tightening to give one an nice hour glass silhouette. 


5. Face and Necklift

Patients typically opt for total facial rejuvenation when approaching their forties to eighties. These patients find that they have a lot of laxity of the underlying muscles in the lower third of their faces. These patients seek to correct their jowls as well as their loose necks. These procedures are combined for a seamless and natural look. The jawline is tightened and the soft tissues are re-established to volumize the face and skin. Recovery typically takes about 2 weeks and after the bruising subsides your peers will comment on how radiant and refreshed you look!

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