Repairing Your More Delicate Areas With Perineoplasty and Surgical Vaginal Tightening

More than ever, women are now going to their doctor with complaints of significant vaginal laxity, a weak pelvic floor, and scar tissue buildup from poorly sutured tears or incisions. Many of these women are looking to enhance the appearance and function of their vaginas as a result of childbirth. Others look to repair and reconstruct their more delicate areas as a result of a possible deformity or defect, as well as decreased sexual sensation. For these reasons and more, one of Toronto’s leading board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon, Dr. Adibfar, helps these women to regain their confidence and reestablish the shape and function of their vaginas efficiently, safely, quickly, and successfully! 


Let’s take a closer look at perineoplasty (a surgery in the group of vaginal rejuvenation procedures). Perineoplasty refers to the perineum. It is located at the opening of the vagina and spans down to the rectum. Some women may find this area loosens over time, or that the skin over the area does not appear as smooth as it once was. It is also incredibly common for this area to tear during vaginal birth. For women opting for a perineoplasty, this effective procedure changes the perineum by correcting any looseness, excess skin, and/or tightening the perineal muscle.


A small incision is made at the base of the vagina where excess skin and scar tissue is removed carefully. The underlying tissues are then safely secured along with the outer skin. The perineum is closed resulting in smoother skin with no visible scars from childbirth. Patients also notice an improvement in the look of the vulva and tightened perennial muscles equating to increased sensation at the entry of intercourse. With this description, you can get a sense that perineoplasty involves more change to the outer portion of the perineum and vagina generally. Surgical vaginal tightening involves a procedure that corrects more of the vagina’s interiors to improve function and address laxity. 


After having a vaginal birth (or multiple), as well as due to other factors including aging, the walls and muscles of the vagina may loosen, tear, and change in appearance. With the latest technology and state-of-the-art techniques, Dr. Adibfar uses his great deal of experience to tighten and improve the vitality and health of the vaginal wall. This includes improving the quality of sexual gratification as well as function and aesthetics. One of the goals of vaginal tightening is to also address the possibility of a patient experiencing painful intercourse, having a dry vagina, and other unfavourable conditions. While vaginal tightening does (for obvious reasons) refer to tightening of the vaginal walls, Dr. Adibfar also addresses the mentioned painful conditions by ensuring that after a full recovery, the patient is symptom-free. 


After childbirth, tearing of the vaginal opening and walls is common. A strenuous vaginal birth can disrupt the muscle fibers and therefore stretch and increase the diameter of the vaginal canal while weakening the muscle tone. This also equates to decreased sensation. Dr. Adibfar carefully tightens the canal and muscles while improving both the aesthetics and sexual function. The perineoplasty procedure is completed under local anesthesia whereas surgical vaginal tightening is performed under general anesthesia and recovery is surprisingly quick and relatively easy. Patients who’ve undergone vaginal rejuvenation are always absolutely thrilled with their results. Finally, they can regain their confidence, be pain-free, and enjoy the appearance and function of a more youthful and vital vagina.


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